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Perri Duncan, Phippen Museum western art show, Prescott, NV 2023.jpg


Art has been my love and inspiration since I was a child and I have now spent over 4o years working as a professional watercolor artist. 

Born in Glasgow Scotland, I lived much of my youth in Bo'ness , a town situated near the Firth of Forth river and near the city of Edinburgh.  When I was nine my family moved north to Aberdeen , the 'Granite City', an old fishing port, which has the North Sea on one side and the road to the Highlands on the other. It was here that I was accepted into Grays School of Art at the age of 17.  The four-year course encompassed many disciplines including drawing and painting, weaving, textiles, graphic art, printmaking and the History of Art and Architecture. After graduating in 1979, I spent a year in Edinburgh, working from the Grass Market printing Gallery, on a series of etchings, inspired by the classic architecture and roof tops of old Edinburgh. These etchings were all purchased and sold by Heals of London. This marked the beginning of my art career.  I returned to Aberdeen and continued my etching work in the Peacock Print makers. As I started adding color to the etchings using watercolors, I began to enjoy the process and loose technique of applying the washes.  My transition to becoming a watercolor artist had begun and I immediately set up a studio in my top floor attic flat. There I painted poppies, chickens, still life and both country and coastal scenes.  Soon, I was invited to do solo exhibitions in Fine Art Galleries throughout Scotland which were very successful. 


In the year 2000, I relocated to Nevada, USA. I fell in love with and was inspired by my surroundings of high desert mountains and vast sage covered landscapes. I am drawn to the open spaces which provide a dramatic backdrop to my subjects which include buffalo herds, wildlife, horses and the American Cowboy. My work is shown in local galleries and at juried fine art shows throughout the year at out of state venues.

In my paintings, I strive to capture and evoke a sense of romantic history - Perri Duncan BA

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